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In the time since I last posted here, TCAF has come and gone, and Spera Vol. II has been released - and with TCAF nearly upon us AGAIN, it's time for some Spera updates!

Last year we sold out of Vol. I on the first day of the convention, which was shocking and embarrassing and hopefully won't happen this year, when we will have Vol. II on sale as well. If you're not coming to TCAF or you can't wait a whole week to buy it, it's already available in fine comic shops everywhere and also fine online stores! You can also buy the digital version on comiXology.

And speaking of comiXology and Spera, boy, have I got a relevant piece of news for you: the digital chapters of Spera Vol. III will start their serialization later this month. The hardcover will be released in autumn this year (you can preorder it online).

I have a short comic in Vol. III, which has also just been posted in the online comics section on Take a peek under the cut to see the spread in all it's uncut-but-not-very-web-browser-friendly glory!

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I also posted my mini comic, Plea, on my website last year, and utterly failed to mention this fact anywhere online. Or anywhere at all, really. Allow me to redress this lapse by posting it right here, right now.

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Also: I contributed an illustration to the amazing Women Warriors zine put together by Roxie, Julia and Abby and it sold out at MoCCA Fest last month because it's so amazing, no honestly, SO AMAZING. It's so amazing that you should preorder a copy from the second (and final!) print run. :D Right here!

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Here be Monsters

It's been a long time since I did any finished pieces in black and white, so I figured I ought to brush up on my greyscales before diving into the mini comic I've been scripting. And what better way to practice than with fan art! It's, uh, all part of the process. I'm not putting off finishing that script. Really.

Doctor Warthrop and Will Henry from Rick Yancey's wonderful Monstrumologist series.

I could imagine this scene perfectly because, living in the country, my windows are awash with buzzing masses of flies every fall. I think my flies crawl in through the walls, though... not out of the slowly decomposing body of a bedridden sea captain.

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A New Year of Comics and Monster Balls

Happy New Year, everyone!

Every time the holidays roll around I get this itchy desire to draw that tried and true image of people sitting by windows, peering out at twilit snowscapes. Every. Year. I can't escape it. So this year I indulged myself with a painting for holiday cards. Wait, I mean last year. The full painting is under the cut!
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And at long last:

Vol. I
is in now in stores!
Please check it out!

A couple of panels from my comic. Pira is not hitting things with swords? What on earth.

You can preview the first chapter here on Archaia's site (that one's drawn by me). I also posted the artist line-up and some preview panels a few months back, and you can see one of Emily's pages on Josh's tumblr (which you should follow for more Spera tidbits)!

There have also been lots of new short comics posted on over the past few months (and a new design, if you haven't checked back recently). Behold the amazing work of Anna Wieszczyk, Julia Scott and Roman Muradov under the Online Comics section.

I hope everyone enjoys Vol. I! If you're in Toronto, The Beguiling has a nice stack of the books waiting for homes!

And whatnots

Catchin' flies.

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Here are a few panels, sans dialogue or sequence, from a comic that I probably won't mention again for quite a while. I was really into Minoan, Mycenaean and Etruscan wall paintings a few months ago. I still am! The obsession waxes and wanes with a tendency towards waxing.

And a big thanks to everyone who dropped by at NYCC to take a gander at our Spera posters and whatnots. The place was packed... with comics. I grabbed a copy of Giannis Milonogiannis' Old City Blues, another title published by the wonderful Archaia. Giannis is awesome and he makes awesome comics, so check 'em out!

Spera Vol. I & NYCC

We’ve made oblique mentions of it and we’ve made ephemeral tweets about it, but it’s high time it had a journal entry of its very own.

Spera Vol. I
In stores December 2011!

The Spera graphic novels are being published by Archaia, retelling the story of the original web comic and continuing on from there. The first volume will be released this December, and you can preorder it online as well.

Spera is a collaborative series written by Josh Tierney, with each chapter illustrated by a different artist. The line up for Vol. I is really fantastic and I’m all-over pleased to have my art in the same book as these talented folk!

Emily Carroll
The indubitable, indomitable incomparable Carroll, whose art flattens cities and moves mountains! You will lose yourself in her lovely work and won’t even mind when you realise there’s no way out.

Hwei Lin Lim
Who is Hwei? Where did she come from and what does she want? She wants to knock your socks off with her beautiful, airy artwork, that’s what!

Olivier Pichard
Olivier’s watercolour comics have been with Spera since its web incarnation, and I’m so glad they’re sticking around, because they’re simply gorgeous.

Kyla Vanderklugt
Hey, that's me. If I’ve sold you on everyone else, well, you’ll have to read through my comic to get to theirs, because I did the first chapter. :D

In addition, the book includes several short - and not-so-short - Spera comics that supplement the main story, drawn by these lovely ladies and gents:

Jordyn Bochon
Cécile Brun
Matt Marblo
Luke Pearson
Leela Wagner

And if you follow any of the three of us on twitter, you already know that this weekend Josh, Emily and I will be promoting Spera Vol. I at the
New York Comic Con!

Drop by the Archaia booth and say hello! Most of the promotional material for Spera features Afu Chan’s wonderful cover artwork, so I designed an NYCC exclusive postcard with artwork from Emily’s comic and mine to have on hand as well, since we’ll be the only two Vol. I artists at the booth.

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So come grab some Spera swag! See you soon, mes amis.

grumpy viking boys and puns, this post has it all

Thorfinn, my son, just who have you killed with that sword.

Lately I've been full up busy drawing things that I can't post online yet (that's a good thing!), so I don't have much in the way of new art to share (aside from drawings of pint-sized vikings, apparently). But here's a round-up of some comics, hourlies and sketches from the past several months that haven't made their way onto my journal yet.

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On Nights Like This

On Nights Like This is a comic anthology created to give a voice to survivors of sexual abuse and other similar forms of trauma. The project has just been launched and there's an open call for submissions.

You can find a poster for the project here. Post it, tweet it, and - well, I don't use tumblr, but I assume you would tumble it, which sounds pretty exciting. Uh, what I'm trying to say is, this poster is a pearl and social media is its oyster. Spread the word! My friend Mara has been working hard to make this happen!

Flight Formation


Flight 8 was released last week! Some of the other artists have been posting a bit of process for their comics, so I thought I'd join in.

I'm pretty new to comics, so I can't say I'm any sort of an authority, but I can show you how I tackled this particular comic, and I hope someone will find it interesting! Or momentarily diverting. Not incendiary, at the very least.

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And while I'm on the subject of process, here's a bit of concept art for a new comic I've been working on.

More chain mail! And I didn't even choose the fantasy setting myself this time, I swear. Not that I wouldn't have, if it were down to me. Just sayin'.

Of Mughals and Mutinies

The last Mughal Emperor, Bahadur Shah II

I thought it was time to round off the series of paintings I did a while ago about family dynasties - the Plantagenets and Romanovs got two pieces each, but the poor old Timurids only got one, and nobody knew what it was about! Here's a summary of the events surrounding the fall of the Timurid dynasty, to give a bit of context.

Bahadur Shah II, or Zafar, was emperor mostly in title. In early 19th century India, the East India Company governed the subcontinent, and Zafar was something like a pensioner of the Company. He was hardly a political or military threat to the British - in fact, his interests tended towards the arts, and he kept a court of artists and poets, being an accomplished poet himself.  
After the Indian Rebellion of 1857, the sepoy soldiers rallied around Bahadur Shah in Delhi, asking him to support them and put a face on the Rebellion. Zafar, now an old man, and with few resources to support an army, wasn't keen on the idea. He couldn't seem to get rid of those soldiers though, and he eventually agreed to recognize the rebellion. What followed is known as the Siege of Delhi. Long story short, it didn't end well for the rebels. Zafar fled, and the next day surrendered to the British in exchange for his life. The British also accepted the surrender of three of Zafar's sons. These three princes were taken back to Delhi, where they were lined up and shot. Zafar was put on trial by the East India Company and exiled, after the British finally conceded they couldn't kill him since they'd promised not to. I'm not sure how a mercantile company managed to put an emperor on trial, but never let it be said that the British are not a determined people. And thus ended the rule of the Timurid dynasty.     

If you'd like to know more about the Rebellion and Bahadur Shah, I recommend William Dalrymple's The Last Mughal. You can also listen to him give a lecture about these events right here! Dalrymple says there was a solar eclipse towards the end of the Seige of Delhi, a fact I haven't seen mentioned anywhere else, but I thought it was interesting enough to work into the illustration. Zafar is sometimes depicted with a halo of light around his head, so I selfishly appropriated that imagery for myself, haha. It's a halo! It's an eclipse! It's a blood spatter! It's a combination overwrought metaphor-decorative visual-composition balancer - don't leave home without one!

There's a film about the beginnings of the rebellion - or a part of them. The Rising: Ballad of Mangal Pandey! I saw it when it came out in theatres here. Good stuff! Here's one of the scenes.

And while I am recommending Bollywood films, there's no way I can't mention Lagaan, one of my favourite movies ever (set during the British Raj, so a little while after the Indian Rebellion). The musical numbers are so wonderful, particularly Radha Kaise Na Jale - watch it here! And who could forget O Rey Chhori, a.k.a Crazy Lady with a Shawl?

And finally, if you're still with me here, and are also in Toronto, this is the last weekend the AGO's Maharaja Exhibition will be running, so if you like glittery things and beautiful paintings, I suggest checking it out! It is an absolute feast for your eyeballs.
Oh, and here's a little snakey monster, about to be mailed off to sunny California. Scanning metallic paints: don't try this at home, kids.
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