Sir Kyla (kylavanderklugt) wrote,
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Time for comics! And TCAF!

LiveJournal, it has been too long! We should do this more often. Catch up and whatnot. There are a couple of new things being pumped out of Chez Kyla Studios lately, so click through to see what's what!

I was invited to contribute a comic to the final volume of Flight, being released this summer! What did I do to deserve this honour? Was it... all the ritualistic sacrifices? Er, however this came about, I am completely chuffed to be part of such a wonderful anthology, and I have to extend many thanks to all the Flight crew, who helped me with so many suggestions and critiques (this is my first solo comic), despite their busy schedules. They are the best of people!
You can pre-order Flight Volume Eight right now, if you are so inclined!

Here's a little preview of my comic:

Remember how I said Spera was going to print with a second Volume that Josh, myself, and several other artists were working on? Well, the plans got shuffled about - we switched publishers, and our wonderful new publisher Archaia wanted to have the first volume - the web comic - in print as well. We decided that the web comic, beautiful collaborative experiment that it is, really is best suited for the web - so Volume I has been remade for print! There is a stellar line-up of artists who have worked on this book, you will not believe it. More on this later! It deserves its own post.

If you've read the web comic, perhaps this scene looks familiar.

This weekend I'll be exhibiting at TCAF - come say hi if you're going to be there! I love saying hi to people. I was greet the hell out of you. Also, you could, in theory, give me money in exchange for the following items (if these sorts of capitalist transactions tickle your fancy):

Breaking Up the Band, my ridiculous series of paintings about dynastic disasters, has been transformed into a booklet! Each painting is accompanied by an enlightening (hopefully) blurb. Six paintings conveniently sized to fit in your pocket. I will also have the original paintings, framed and matted, on sale!

I got the go ahead from the editors of Flight (thank you wonderful Jason person!) to print off a few copies of my comic to have on hand at TCAF. I doubt I'll be printing any more after these babies are off my hands since it will be printed in the anthology, but if you prefer your comics slightly crumpled and smelling faintly of musk (don't ask), you might want to grab one of of these!

The amazing and stupendous piratecore  made these awesome buttons for me! For every button you buy, I will say another 'thank you' to Rosemary. She will want to kill me by the end of the weekend.

I'll have various illustration prints for sale, too!

And here's where you can find me:

I'll be tabling with Josh Tierney, and he's got some Spera goods on our table! You can pick up a comic by pollums and there's an anthology with comics by yfrontninja (who will be tabling right next to us!), Luke Pearson and eblocky  with some pin-ups to boot! 

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