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grumpy viking boys and puns, this post has it all

Thorfinn, my son, just who have you killed with that sword.

Lately I've been full up busy drawing things that I can't post online yet (that's a good thing!), so I don't have much in the way of new art to share (aside from drawings of pint-sized vikings, apparently). But here's a round-up of some comics, hourlies and sketches from the past several months that haven't made their way onto my journal yet.

I am not sorry for this punny mess. I DO NOT REPENT.
This one was for the TCAF program - since Josh and I were sharing a table I whipped up this strip with Josh's Spera gals and my riddle-solving lad from Riddle.

Here's an inked panel from a comic I did during the summer. What could it be about? And if you're going to make some smart-alecky guess like, 'two dudes sneering at each other for a bunch of pages' - er, well, you're pretty bang on, actually. So much fun to draw!

My buddy Irma pointed out that I never posted my hourlies 'round these parts, so here they are, from February:


On Nights Like This

On Nights Like This is a comic anthology created to give a voice to survivors of sexual abuse and other similar forms of trauma. The project has just been launched and there's an open call for submissions.

You can find a poster for the project here. Post it, tweet it, and - well, I don't use tumblr, but I assume you would tumble it, which sounds pretty exciting. Uh, what I'm trying to say is, this poster is a pearl and social media is its oyster. Spread the word! My friend Mara has been working hard to make this happen!
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