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Catchin' flies.

So hey, I never mentioned here that Flight 8 is now in stores! But it is! You can even buy it through the magic of the internet! (I am still amazed that I can click buttons and make books appear on my doorstep. I do miss having bookstores around, though.)

I did a process post on Riddle a little while ago that sort of skimmed over the technical process, but I never mentioned inspiration, which is something I've been asked about. I never know what to do with questions like "where did you get the idea" because nobody really wants a huge list and it's rarely one specific thing that sets me off, but in this case I can say I got the inspiration for the snakey beast from Frank R. Stockton's The Griffin and the Minor Canon, which is a story I found in a lovely volume called Tales Before Tolkien. Monsters in Victorian fantasy are always so reasonable... albeit with an appetite for human flesh. Dangerously polite!

You can find Stockton's story online, since it's Old, and Old things are always online somewhere.

Also Riddle related: bit of pixel art from Matt Marblo (who will be in Spera Vol. I, remember). So awesome!

Here are a few panels, sans dialogue or sequence, from a comic that I probably won't mention again for quite a while. I was really into Minoan, Mycenaean and Etruscan wall paintings a few months ago. I still am! The obsession waxes and wanes with a tendency towards waxing.

And a big thanks to everyone who dropped by at NYCC to take a gander at our Spera posters and whatnots. The place was packed... with comics. I grabbed a copy of Giannis Milonogiannis' Old City Blues, another title published by the wonderful Archaia. Giannis is awesome and he makes awesome comics, so check 'em out!
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