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A New Year of Comics and Monster Balls

Happy New Year, everyone!

Every time the holidays roll around I get this itchy desire to draw that tried and true image of people sitting by windows, peering out at twilit snowscapes. Every. Year. I can't escape it. So this year I indulged myself with a painting for holiday cards. Wait, I mean last year. The full painting is under the cut!

I have a few extra, so if anyone would like a late holiday card, send your address my way.

It occurred to me after all the painting, scanning and printing was done, as I sat licking envelopes, that the image of taxidermied monsters with their balls hanging out is perhaps not the most festive choice of subject matter. Ah, well. What's done is done. As always, I regret not the past, but look towards a future in which an older and wiser Kyla may choose not to draw monster balls to express her seasonal cheer. Anything is possible, right?

The little monster helmet, by the way, was inspired by this dude right here, spied by sockefeller and me at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. This museum was, I think, both our greatest humiliation and our greatest triumph. We had eight hours to see the sights of Manhattan, and we spent every one of them ogling about half of the first floor of The Met. Then we went back the next day. And still didn't see everything.

...I recommend it :D

And at long last:

Vol. I
is in now in stores!
Please check it out!

A couple of panels from my comic. Pira is not hitting things with swords? What on earth.

You can preview the first chapter here on Archaia's site (that one's drawn by me). I also posted the artist line-up and some preview panels a few months back, and you can see one of Emily's pages on Josh's tumblr (which you should follow for more Spera tidbits)!

There have also been lots of new short comics posted on over the past few months (and a new design, if you haven't checked back recently). Behold the amazing work of Anna Wieszczyk, Julia Scott and Roman Muradov under the Online Comics section.

I hope everyone enjoys Vol. I! If you're in Toronto, The Beguiling has a nice stack of the books waiting for homes!
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