Sir Kyla (kylavanderklugt) wrote,
Sir Kyla

Here be Monsters

It's been a long time since I did any finished pieces in black and white, so I figured I ought to brush up on my greyscales before diving into the mini comic I've been scripting. And what better way to practice than with fan art! It's, uh, all part of the process. I'm not putting off finishing that script. Really.

Doctor Warthrop and Will Henry from Rick Yancey's wonderful Monstrumologist series.

I could imagine this scene perfectly because, living in the country, my windows are awash with buzzing masses of flies every fall. I think my flies crawl in through the walls, though... not out of the slowly decomposing body of a bedridden sea captain.

Upon that massive hill of steaming manure.

An anthropophagus turns his frown upside down.

If you haven't read The Monstrumologist, I highly recommend you give the series a go! It's packed full of monsters, and people being eaten by monsters, and people turning into monsters and people generally being monstrous anyway.
Simon & Schuster canceled the series after the third book and I was pretty much ready to start making ritualistic sacrifices to the literary gods to make them change their minds, but luckily a lot of people who are far more pragmatic than me actually wrote to S&S - enough people so that the horrible order was rescinded, and there will be one more book.

Point being, the series is great. It's a horror story and a love story... and Warthrop would probably tell you there's no difference between the two.

Now go forth and buy it!

And have some more random doodles, too.

Tags: recs, sketches
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