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In the time since I last posted here, TCAF has come and gone, and Spera Vol. II has been released - and with TCAF nearly upon us AGAIN, it's time for some Spera updates!

Last year we sold out of Vol. I on the first day of the convention, which was shocking and embarrassing and hopefully won't happen this year, when we will have Vol. II on sale as well. If you're not coming to TCAF or you can't wait a whole week to buy it, it's already available in fine comic shops everywhere and also fine online stores! You can also buy the digital version on comiXology.

And speaking of comiXology and Spera, boy, have I got a relevant piece of news for you: the digital chapters of Spera Vol. III will start their serialization later this month. The hardcover will be released in autumn this year (you can preorder it online).

I have a short comic in Vol. III, which has also just been posted in the online comics section on Take a peek under the cut to see the spread in all it's uncut-but-not-very-web-browser-friendly glory!

Introducing Nole and Kyle, Vol. III's antagonists. This comic takes place during the events of the comic I illustrated in Vol. I, when Lono flees her castle with Pira.

I also posted my mini comic, Plea, on my website last year, and utterly failed to mention this fact anywhere online. Or anywhere at all, really. Allow me to redress this lapse by posting it right here, right now.

Also: I contributed an illustration to the amazing Women Warriors zine put together by Roxie, Julia and Abby and it sold out at MoCCA Fest last month because it's so amazing, no honestly, SO AMAZING. It's so amazing that you should preorder a copy from the second (and final!) print run. :D Right here!

Katherine Talbert, ladies and gentlemen, from Ellen Kushner's The Privilege of the Sword.

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