October 11th, 2011

Spera Vol. I & NYCC

We’ve made oblique mentions of it and we’ve made ephemeral tweets about it, but it’s high time it had a journal entry of its very own.

Spera Vol. I
In stores December 2011!

The Spera graphic novels are being published by Archaia, retelling the story of the original web comic and continuing on from there. The first volume will be released this December, and you can preorder it online as well.

Spera is a collaborative series written by Josh Tierney, with each chapter illustrated by a different artist. The line up for Vol. I is really fantastic and I’m all-over pleased to have my art in the same book as these talented folk!

Emily Carroll
The indubitable, indomitable incomparable Carroll, whose art flattens cities and moves mountains! You will lose yourself in her lovely work and won’t even mind when you realise there’s no way out.

Hwei Lin Lim
Who is Hwei? Where did she come from and what does she want? She wants to knock your socks off with her beautiful, airy artwork, that’s what!

Olivier Pichard
Olivier’s watercolour comics have been with Spera since its web incarnation, and I’m so glad they’re sticking around, because they’re simply gorgeous.

Kyla Vanderklugt
Hey, that's me. If I’ve sold you on everyone else, well, you’ll have to read through my comic to get to theirs, because I did the first chapter. :D

In addition, the book includes several short - and not-so-short - Spera comics that supplement the main story, drawn by these lovely ladies and gents:

Jordyn Bochon
Cécile Brun
Matt Marblo
Luke Pearson
Leela Wagner

And if you follow any of the three of us on twitter, you already know that this weekend Josh, Emily and I will be promoting Spera Vol. I at the
New York Comic Con!

Drop by the Archaia booth and say hello! Most of the promotional material for Spera features Afu Chan’s wonderful cover artwork, so I designed an NYCC exclusive postcard with artwork from Emily’s comic and mine to have on hand as well, since we’ll be the only two Vol. I artists at the booth.

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So come grab some Spera swag! See you soon, mes amis.