Peninsular Pie?

Happy Thanksgiving! I should probably take a break from eating pumpkin pie and watching movies about the Peninsular War - it's Kyla's Pie and Peninsula marathon! - so this seems like a good time to scrounge some homeless things off my hard drive and slap them up here.

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Spera Spera Spera Take Two

Josh asked me to design a new character for the Spera series. She'll be debuting in a short drawn by Sarah Searle.
Meet Arina, the winter witch! She needs to borrow people's warmth to survive. Lono hasn't any warmth to spare. CONFLICT. DRAMA. NOT TO BE MISSED. 

À propos of Spera, there are two new shorts on the Vol. II section of the website, with gorgeous art by Cécile Brun and Miss Irina. Warrior tabbies and vanishing steaks! Also not to be missed. Nothing Spera-related is to be missed, d'you hear!


More fun with colours! And... diamonds.

I keep pulling out my tablet lately instead of working on paper. Really I'm supposed to be penciling things, but it's been so hot, and I have to keep covering my work with tissues to protect it from the sweat that is pouring off my hand. Today it's 36°C with humidity, but apparently it's going to drop to 12° three days from now. I knew there was a reason I was stacking firewood in the sweltering heat last week!

Meet A: drive (for Tim!) and I: drive!
A: drive is pretty old school, and sometimes he thinks this gives him free license to act superior. I: drive is not entirely impressed.

Lame Puns Ho

This was just a little colour experiment that got away from me... file under 'Photoshop exercise run rampant'.

Meet C: drive and D: drive! I've always felt bad for D: drive.
What's wrong, D, did C do something really shocking again? Did she... clear the cache? Of cookies?

Everyone Disapproves

Haters to the left, Alistair. Morrigan's hot stuff and you know it! Except she has this annoying habit of disagreeing with everything my Warden says. Morrigan Disapproves -12. But getting some lip action always cheers her up. Alistair Disapproves -5.

...I really want this T-shirt. Could I just turn myself into a walking billboard for this game? I'll need some Zevran undies and some Sten-themed socks. 

Spera Returns!


That's right, Spera is going physical - real live paper, and blood, sweat and tears! Or ink, I'm not sure what kind of printing method is being used.

The first issue is shaping up beautifully, and I'd love to share the wonderful work Giannis and Afu have done on it, but you'll have to wait until it's on sale this October! In addition to the main story, each issue will be rounded out with extra short comics and beautiful pin-ups from a bevy talented artists. There will also be more short comics on, so keep an eye on the Vol.II section of the site!

To keep up on Spera news - or to inquire about contributing to the project - you can visit Josh on the web at

...Y'know, I pulled the design for the above promo out of the thin air in my head, but I keep thinking it reminds me of something - sort of a cross between an historiated initial and some retro food advertisement (Robin Hood Flour?). I dunno! This is like, backwards referencing.

Helseth fangirl, going on twelve years.

For some reason there are a lot of people who don't like Helseth very much. This may have something to do with the fact that he tries to have you killed (repeatedly). It's called consolidating your power, gosh. It's what you do when you ascend the throne!

What started out as a quick drawing to express my Helseth-ly love turned into a medium experiment. I enjoy working with both traditional and digital media, and sometimes the project dictates which I have to use, and sometimes I know right from the start which I want to use, but sometimes I can't decide. So I did two versions of this piece in the same day to compare the processes.

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Spera Spera Spera
Part four of Spera is now online!

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Everyone's pages look amazing. I am starting to feel uncomfortably unworthy of being a part of this project. Nevertheless, it was a blast to participate. I'd like to try my hand at more comics in the future!

On the subject of comics, have you seen Emily Carroll's comic of The Hare's Bride? Yes? Well, go and look again! :) I can't get over how pretty it is.

Finally, if you live in the Toronto area, maybe you've heard of The Keyhole Sessions - not your average life drawing sessions. Costumes and bondage and bears, oh my! Well, possibly not bears. That's where I'll be this evening, exercising my long-disused life drawing muscles. My lovely friend Mara models for them when she's not saving lives or drawing beautiful pictures herself. Check out their sessions you're ever in town on a Tuesday night!

The Trials I am Currently Avoiding

The Trials of Housework

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If I add any more to this series, it will be a piece about doing laundry. I hate doing laundry. When I imagine myself at the pinnacle of achievement - a point in my life when I've accomplished my dreams and fulfilled my goals - all I really see is myself having enough money to afford a maid who will do my laundry.

And a manservant to hover nearby with a pitcher of lemonade and a tray of canapes while I lounge on a beach along the Turquoise Coast, perusing the latest issue of Hedonism Now. But I could have him do my laundry as well, I suppose. I like to economise.

Speaking of menservants, here are some sketches! Which have nothing to do with menservants. WORST SEGUE EVER.

By the way, my pal Jordyn Bochon is having an art sale/commission-a-polooza over here if you're in the market for some awesome original art! Go give her money! And while you're caught up in the spirit of things you could also give me money. :D I mean, how will I afford my canape-bearing shadow otherwise?